3.9” O-Film Bar TFT

WF39BTZASDNN0 is Winstar 3.9" Bar type WF39B series TFT display with O-Film technology on module. This WF39BTZASDNN0 is featured with resolution 480x128 pixels; built in with Driver IC HX8278, it supports RGB interface; 3.3V (typical) power supply; supports Sync mode and DE modem, default Sync mode. Its luminance is 400 Nits (typical); Contrast ratio of 500:1, gray scale inversion direction 12 o'clock. It can be operating at temperatures from -20℃ to +70℃; its storage temperatures range from -30℃ to +80℃. 3.9” O-Film Bar TFT

This panorama widescreen 3.9 inch WF39B TFT-LCD display offers high quality and colorful image; it is especially suitable for server system, audio system and advertising display, auto/aviation/marine equipment, security equipment, Industrial equipment, outdoor intercom systems and control panels, medical equipment, drone controls.