ASR-8600. Combo Ambient Light sensor.
Solar-UV, IR and Proximity Sensor with I2C digital interface in a single 6-pin OCDFN package.
Proximity range depends on lux level of the external light source. Proximity can be till 90cm depending on the external light source.
Pricing (see February price list) , demo and samples available now. Mass production 8 weeks.
ASR-8601 Pure Ambient Light sensor.
Dedicated for Surveillance application in a single 6-pin OCDFN package.
Datasheet release in Q2
ASR-8800 Combo Ambient light sensor:
Like ASR-8600 but with on-chip low power light source (VSEL, (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser)) in a single 8-pin OCDFN package.
Datasheet and sample release Q2. Proximity is short range about 20cm.
With these first product models Amic will cover the first needs in the versatile light sensor market.