Coilmaster Electronics has Released RCB0810 (HP) Series Radial Leaded Non-Shielded Inductors

Coilmaster RCB0810 (HP) Radial Leaded Non-Shielded Inductors feature fixed lead spacing and shrink tubing protected winding. RCB0810 (HP) inductors offer high saturation current up to 10A and an inductance range of 1µH to 100mH. These Coilmaster radial leaded inductors are ideal for use in DC/DC converters, power supplies, output chokes and electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) filters


Features Applications
* Up to 10A saturation current * Power supplies
* Fixed lead spacing * DC/DC converters
* 1μH to 100mH inductance range * Output chokes
* Shrink tubing protected winding * EMI/RFI filters
* RoHS compliant