New from inside

AMIC Technology Corp. announces the availability of their next generation parallel NOR Flash devices for the industrial and automotive market. All devices are compliant to the industry standard A29xxx and A29L NOR Flash series supporting 5.0 Volts and 3.0 Volts operating voltage.

‘A prime factor for us to release new technology is presenting the sustainability for our long term customers.’ Says Mr Gary Chen, marketing director. Amic is offering a strong 5.0 Volts memory portfolio which is unique in the industry. The demand for 5.0 Volts although smaller remains solid. ‘We even witness new designs in 5.0 volts due to superior signal to noise performance. We will continue to sustain the supply of 5.0 Volts memory products into the next decade’ ‘We have an obligation towards our long terms customers in the industrial and automotive market segments’ concludes Mr Chen.

About Amic Technology corp.
Amic is profound supplier of world-class memory devices for more then 25 years. At first under the name of United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) followed by a spin-off and maturing into Amic Technology. Amic is utilizing high voltage 12” wafer technology with wafer fab partners in Taiwan, China, Korea and Malaysia.